Thursday, February 7, 2008

l'air de rien, i have much to report

my t-shirt surgery with the stencil should be ready to wear next week. just have to do some finishing and clean up all the threads.

i have been knitting again, thumb pain comes and goes but i am coping.

i joined a new meetup:

and here is a picture of me looking photoshopped (which i am not, promise) at the first meeting.

the super fun part is that i will be teaching workshops. yay. .... yayayayay.

for the first one i am planning on an amigurumi-workshop. level 1 being make other people's patterns and level 2. creating your own. in other words i have homework to do.

speaking of classes i am very inclined to take a screenprinting and a circuit bending class.
truth is that between the new recording gear we bought and zelda (ds) i already barely have time to sleep so we'll see...