Friday, January 25, 2008

For Hellcat

So i was asked about the decoupage project with the mini-dresser. i figured someone else might care for some information, rather than an email a post with some tutorial linkage is in order.

Wikipedia features a really nice article with some historical details on the art of decoupage.

My current project began with the purchase of a mini drawer chest from ikea
I assembled it than wiped it down to make sure there was no dust clinging to it.
Than i glued some silk paper (that i had kept from xmas presents i received) to each side and the drawer "facades" using regular white glue, a plastic knife (to spread it evenly, and an exacto knife ( to cut the surplus paper of the edges).

Next: i will be painting and gluing images to the background and maybe even adding some glitter glue (still on the fence on that one). i bought some loteria postcards and have been printing victorian valentines and pin up tattoo flash off the int0rweb etc...
than once it's all put together the whole shebangs get glazed with a varnish i have used these two in the past:
one two

and for inspiration and viewing pleasure i leave with the crafty chica's fabooo decoupage heels

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Plastic Passion

about two months have gone by since i started my own personal "plastic bag free" challenge.
it all began when i read about the
rubbish vortex
also called the great pacific garbage patch, through a link posted by the attention worthy helle jorgensen

i remembered how in munich we were encouraged to shop with fabric bags and refuse plastic ones. paired with my frustration at the ever-growing amount of plastic bags in my kitchen drawers i started by looking into alternatives and ways to recycle the bags.

truth be told, recycling them is so time consuming, that it would be unrealistic to assume i could keep up with the incoming new bags, or that i would need *THAT* many recycled-plastic items in my household.

so really the solution was/is to reduce the amount of plastic bags entering my home to the slightest minimum. bringing a tote bag when going grocery shopping is certainly a great way to reduce the usage of plastic bags, but in reality i mostly shop after work or spontaneously when i am out.

so this is what i have been doing. i keep a tote bag rolled up in my purse at all times.
whenever i need to buy anything that is the bag i use. in result i have been buying groceries more frequently and in smaller quantities which also reduces waste (food going bad in my fridge). for the big shopping trips i have nice sturdy bags from trader joes, including a freezer bag. and ikea bags for the costco trips. i know, i know those are partially plastic too, but i already had them and will be using them for a looooooooong time.

i have to say that i am really satisfied with this method. the reactions i get when i tell cashiers "i don't need a bag" are funny. sometimes they make fun of me,
sometimes they fight me "but let me bag the meat for you"*forces item into a doubled-bag before i can snag it*. but i stand strong, and have been pulling items back out of the bags and placing them back onto that plastic bag dispenser of doom. century 21 refuses to let me use my own bags as their bags are part of their anti-shrink system...pff..

now as for the plastic bags that already found their way into my home, these are the crafty endeavors that will make them into something other than lethal ocean-parasites.




grocery bag

n.b. the brits are trying to ban plastic bags alltogether,,2210012,00.html#article_continue

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pay It Forward

Through this post I am joining PAY IT FORWARD (PIF) exchange meaning that I will send a handmade gift to the first three people to comment on here, under the condition that the three people post this as well and make handmade gifts for their first three posters...etc.

The time frame to make and send the gifts is ONE YEAR, neat huh!

The gifts can be anything as long as they are handmade by ourselves.

So comment away and let the fun commence!