Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't drink the...

a coupla weeks ago, we - Brooklyn Krafthaus that is- held a "dyeing yarn with koolaid" workshop. from my pre-teen initiation into tie-dyeing i had always loved dyeing fabrics, but now that i got into this...i am addicted.
both b and my friend m, had to suffer going with me from deli to deli and supermarket to supermarket, from all the way down by coney island all the way up to clinton hill via the lower east side.

i dont' own (nor ever plan on owning) a microwave, but the steam cooking method works just fine and makes me feel like a little witch cooking up a wicked potion of powders and threads.
besides, b luurrves coming home to the delicious scent of steamed lambswool mixed with 20 different artificial fruit aromas [insert gargling barf sounds here]. but what can i say.. an addict will put up with anything to get her crack.

onto the pictures:
soaking yarn noodles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008