Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Je suis venue te dire que je reviens

The inspiration and/or desire to write usually befalls me when I am in the least position to actually do so. I will be driving on the highway, folding myself into a yoga pose or handling an all-consuming task at work; when suddenly a sentance or a melody decides to untangle itself out of my subconcious and mock my unability to lock it down right there and then.
Foward a few hours when I am readily installed in front of either pen or keyboard and all my mind will cough up, nothing but less than worthy scramble.

C'est la vie.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't drink the...

a coupla weeks ago, we - Brooklyn Krafthaus that is- held a "dyeing yarn with koolaid" workshop. from my pre-teen initiation into tie-dyeing i had always loved dyeing fabrics, but now that i got into this...i am addicted.
both b and my friend m, had to suffer going with me from deli to deli and supermarket to supermarket, from all the way down by coney island all the way up to clinton hill via the lower east side.

i dont' own (nor ever plan on owning) a microwave, but the steam cooking method works just fine and makes me feel like a little witch cooking up a wicked potion of powders and threads.
besides, b luurrves coming home to the delicious scent of steamed lambswool mixed with 20 different artificial fruit aromas [insert gargling barf sounds here]. but what can i say.. an addict will put up with anything to get her crack.

onto the pictures:
soaking yarn noodles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some promoting for UNSOUND

Friday, August 22, 2008 marks the return of UNSOUND.

Since September 2006, UNSOUND has worked to bring some of the best in obscure underground music to the live stage in NYC.

We are very excited to have found a new home at the beautiful FONTANAS, located at 105 Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side, just at the northernmost tip of Chinatown in Manhattan, between Broome and Grand.

UNSOUND has gone through many changes and struggles since its inception, but we've learned and grown more confident through these experiences. Onward and Upward we climb, reaching for the day that we completely overshadow everything else that happens in the entire tri-state area.

Please allow me to introduce you to the colourful cast of characters who shall work their asses off for little or no money:

DJ TENEBRE probably the nicest, kindest, most genuine individual you will ever meet in your life, Jeff McGivney is destined to own (or to have built) most of the real estate in New York City before his 50th birthday. Known for his penchant for showing complete strangers his impressive organ and proud owner of an almost completely synthetic bottom jaw, there would be no such thing as UNSOUND without this aberration of nature standing by my side. Someone please just warn me before I look down next time.

DJ LEECH is the name used by the most miserable fuck you'll ever meet in your life. I mean really, how this guy has managed to accrue the incredible pantheon of close friends and acquaintances he has without having been stoned to death in a public square is truly beyond me. Aside from having utterly awful taste in music, he fancies himself as some kind of "musician" and don't even get me started on the crap he passes off as graphic design. Just be aware when you're talking to him that he will ultimately steer the topic back to himself, which in the end is probably the most boring subject you can imagine. Yawn.

SEAN 'BEEF SCHNITZEL' CUMMINGS has a name that would make even a priest guffaw. He used to work at some shithole in DUMBO (what the fuck is DUMBO anyway?) and did some kind of performance arty event there, booking a bunch of bands that nobody ever heard of and even stealing the UNSOUND crowd on more than one occasion through active terrorism, somehow temporarily hypnotising people and influencing them to go to his shows instead of ours. Then the guy has the nerve to try to come in on OUR action.
I mean, what the fuck?

JUSTIN 'I'M GONNA GET STABBED' ELIAS CONCHITA-ALONSO-MORALES is your typical Nuyorican thug, driving around Long Island with the bass of his reggaeton crap thumping so loud it puts cracks in his cheap-ass tint job. When he's not busy ducking out on some minor debt, he's making films of questionable quality that include his girlfriend being peed on while being called a cunt. In short (and he is short), he's not a very nice guy and if you're not careful he might try to steal your wallet. I also heard from a very reliable source that he's into urethral sounding. He also fronts a psychfolk band called THE MAILBOX IS FULL.

DJ SKULLDOOM, who is known to the world at large by his mild-mannered alter ego, Seldon Hunt, is a tiny pixie of a man who has managed to live life in the shadows, without standing out in any particular way. Generally unremarkable to behold and easily lost in a crowd, Seldon has been known to duck behind low retaining walls — which he does quite effortlessly, due to his miniscule stature. He is also totally devoid of any special talents whatsoever, further adding to the enigma that is Skulldoom.

DJ ISADORA just so happens to be a long-standing ally of the cause, who has more often than not been the lady who's taken the money of our unsuspecting attendees at the door and stuffed it covertly into her own pockets (bra). Esther will now actually start earning her keep, instead of just being one of the many glorified groupies and hangers-on that have perpetually darkened our doorways. Keep an eye out for her handsome boyfriend The B-Man, because he likes to pick fights with lesbians for no good reason.

FADE KAINER was born Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, nephew of the vile and cruel Baron Vladimir Harkonnen over ten thousand years in the future. Contrary to the rampant rumours of his demise, he was actually sent back in time (and space) as punishment for having failed to defeat Paul "Muad'Dib" Atreides at the infamous Battle of Arrakeen. After relocating to the slums of New York from the slums of South Florida, Feyd-Rautha changed his name to Fade Kainer and started making industrial metal, daydreaming of the bygone days of the future and wringing his hands diabolically.

BIG RED infamous for once having eaten an entire bull in one sitting, William 'Doomy Doomster' Abdale is probably the second-greatest guitar player in the known universe, but he prefers to remain anonymous because he feels that rockstardom would be far too boring. Instead, he wastes his time and money on pursuing a Masters Degree in some dead language called "Art" which i believe has something to do with fingerpainting. When called upon to actually perform, he makes excuses and weird faces (which are barely noticeable beneath his great big jesus beard), and then kind of tricks you into drinking more beers.

KATHRIN the newest member of our enclave of the damned, this porcelain-skinned, Germanic succubus will hopefully become familiar to our regulars as the first smiling face that greets you and takes your cash (and your soul), warning 'Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here' just before you descend the stairs to the darkened catacombs beneath FONTANAS, entering the unholy pit of flames where UNSOUND takes place. Sadly, she won't be making her official appearance until next month, because she hates us so much that she has arranged to be out of the country, rather than be near us.

unorthodox music for unorthodox people

AUGUST 22, 2008

www. myspace. com/rosetta
www. myspace. com/balboa
www. myspace. com/north
www. myspace. com/inswarm

UNSOUND presents a book release party for
the new illustrated novel by TARA VANFLOWER (LYCIA) & DANIELE SERRA
with giveaways and merchandise courtesy of MYTHOS MEDIA
www. myspace. com/taravanflowermusic
www. mythosmedia. net

For most, "immortal" is just a word, a description of a concept that
defies all rational explanation.
Born and reborn in the era of Christ,
Ilya knows all too well what "immortal" really means.
Journey with her
across the aeons in her truly eternal quest to find love, solace, or
even simple peace with the world and the nature of what she has become.

"Neither a graphic novel nor simply a story with pictures, but an
artistic hybrid somewhere between the two...told in Vanflower's deadpan
dream transcript style.
" - Brian John Mitchell, Silber Media

"An invitation for the reader to be captured by the illusive detachment
of literal and metaphorical Vampire" - Jarboe

www. fontanasnyc. com

www. myspace. com/unsoundnyc
www. annihilvs. org/UNSOUND



www. annihilvs.



Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sailor Beware - Progress update

a few months ago even just the thought of embroidery put me to sleep. it all started with the sparrow tankini, to give the instarsia more shape i embroidered over it. than came the amigurumi. the Pricked, Extreme Embroidery exhibit was the coup de grĂ¢ce... i am addicted, and am teaching myself silk shading which i have tried (emphasis on "tried")to apply to this piece:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stencil Printing

So I worked on a t shirt mod. I have tons of old t shirts laying neatly pilled up on my desk waiting to be transformed into something I will actually wear.

Needless to say I had a hard time taking a picture of myself and decided to use a mirror, which would of course have been a lot easier, had I access to a full length mirror ...

on with the photos:

close up of the stencil print:

Monday, May 12, 2008

hi blogosphere

i am not dead...
...just caught up in doing even more of all the things i would report about here...

more soon!