Monday, January 29, 2007

little loops of reality

can sometimes be linked to little loops of thread, i wrote about this a while ago after crossing paths with an abandonned magazine and than decided to name this new blog fil-a-suivre, a double entendre on thread and meaning/thematics that need to be followed.

sunday as already mentionned was a date-day, after fabulous brunch it was too late to go to the museum of natural history but still early enough for brooklyn museum of art.

and right there, as we had just walked through the door, it was. the paracas textile that i had read, written and dreamed about. it is hard to translate the emotion i felt into words. i had been wondering about this piece of fabric for years, not being able to clearly remember what it was named and where to find it.

the figures are smaller yet as expressive as i could have gathered from the photograph. the colors, even more vibrant than print could have possibly translated them. some people feel a sense of sacred in the representation of the sacred symbol/figure, i felt it right then and there in the execution of such representation, and walked away feeling enthralled and reassured that there are still some things left to belive in.